| P r o l o g u e |

An unknown, sprawling vast realm is exposed to your luminous oculars.
 It's no place for cowards, only the strong survive out here.
It's Canada, the conditions can be extreme, what's more deadly?
Welcome to the place of legends. the land of the forsaken, the home of Forsaken Demise.
 Your oculars are wide open alert of any danger, Your fur standing on end at the back of your neck.
You couldn't be more prepared.

But no lupine can prepare for the intelligence of blood-craving savages.
 An obsidian lupine appears before you, his piercing teal orbs staring into your own eyes.
He holds a proud stature, distracting you from the incoming attack.
 Another dark-hued masculine leaped from the vegetation taking you by surprise and pinning you quickly to the terrain.
The first masculine then speaks "You've entered the land of Forsaken Demise the  realm of the Necrosis, state your reasoning for intruding or you will be killed where you lay", He threatened.

You are quick to protest in your defense "I only wanted a meal..and a pack to seek shelter with" An alabaster hellion joins the scene, staring at you with her violet optics. You can feel their gaze upon you as you tremble. "Follow us then", the teal-eyed brute turns away, motioning for you to follow.
Your fate hanging in the jaws of these fearsome beings.

| A b o u t  U s |

Forsaken Demise is a semi-realistic, semi-advanced wolf roleplaying site that's been around and active since 2012. We expect our members to participate in the role-play often. If you know that you won't be able to role-play for a long period of time, please inform the pack or at least inform one of the FD staff members. This will save you from being deleted. Un-natural eye color is allotted but unrealistic fur markings aren't. We wouldn't like to see any power playing in the forums or any special abilities as we are striving to make Forsaken Demise as realistic as possible.

| T h e  S t a f f |

-PLEASE READ the activity check, Web.com is shutting down June 30th we don't have another alternative set up but for now please join the discord server Death made: HERE

-Inactive members will be deleted if you haven't at least filled out the enrollment form for 2 weeks.
- Please make sure to join the backup sites before the bandwidth runs out.:

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